Seven Days:
      "Pure sonic sorcery."
      "A-list world music talent."
      "Seductive from the first note to the last."

Burlington Free Press:
      "Undeniable musical chemistry."

Showcase Magazine:
      "One of New England's most innovative ensembles."

Times Argus:
      "A 'Google Earth' for the ears."

Portsmouth Times:
     "An instrumental collage of far-away places, sunny exuberance, and quiet introspection."

Vermont Music Calendar (Mark Sustic, reviewer):
      "You could travel the world over and not find better, more soulful players, right here in Northern Vermont.

New England Music Scrapbook (Alan Lewis, reviewer):
       "A fantastic Vermont/New Hampshire duo, 35th Parallel, has a forthcoming album called Crossing Painted Islands, and I have it playing right now. This is world-class world music, and the way the percussion is coming through on my stereo is beyond belief. This has been a totally amazing listening experience, and I'm looking forward to doing it again."

The Wire:
    "...the best of the 'melting pot' mentality, using complementary instruments and styles to stretch the boundaries of traditional and world music. “Crossing Painted Islands” is sure to please purists and forward thinking music lovers alike."