January | 'Pakhawaj Solo ···> Improv Jam'
35th Parallel MediterrAsian Jazz Ensemble
Live at the FlynnSpace 2/6/04

February | 'The Sevani Variations'
Studio recording 10/19/06

March | 'The Mozdok's Train'
Live at the Syracuse Center for the Arts 2/9/08

April | 'Sepastia Bar'
Live at Hillsboro-Deering High School 3/20/08

May | 'Sallassana Mendillini'
Live with the Cabot Creative Music Ensemble
Cabot VT 4/4/08

June | 'Untitled Suite Excerpt'
Live with Evren Ozan, Paul de Jong, and Todd Roach
The Loft 5/17/08

July | 'As Things Could Be'
Live with Evren Ozan
The Loft 5/17/08

August | 'The Green Vine'
Live in Saranac Lake NY 7/18/08

September | 'Io'
Live at Colby College 10/23/03

October | 'Longa'
Live at College of the Atlantic 9/10/08

November | 'Greetings'
Live at the Empire Dine & Dance, Portland ME 9/7/08

December | 'Eracinos'
Live at 51 Main, Middlebury VT 11/7/08